Mike started out doing commercial art at a sign factory. He painted, with an air-gun, the large Freeway MOBIL gas signs. He also painted the large "76" gas station balls.

Inbetween painting all kinds of plastic signs Mike learned how to paint with an air-brush on the back side of Plexaglass. During this time period he produced many "one of a kind" air-brush paintings.

After about 6 years of painting signs Mike moved on to doing pasteup and camera work for a silkscreen shop. After about 4 years Mike started running an art department in a combination litho / silkscreen shop. Doing pasteup, camera work, pre-press, plate burning, cutting by hand "rubylith" for the silkscreens.

Mike then tried freelance animation. Mike was second animator for a series of 12 short animations for Sesame Street. Some of the animations are still running on Sesame Street to this day. Those animations were done on an old Amiga computer.

Then Mike discovered the Internet and decided that it was time to see if he could generate some interest in his style of graphics. There does seem to be some interest in his style for custom art for sites and for logos.

Stop by and take a peek at Mike's site.